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Created by Little Bear Labs, Arcas brings visibility and intelligence to your WebRTC products by measuring, recreating, and optimizing your users' experiences.

Solutions to help you build and operate your WebRTC application

Load Testing

Arcas load testing ensures your SFU can scale before your users arrive. Automatically generate load tests from your user analytics. Test at an unparalleled scale of over 100,000 concurrent simulated users.

User Analytics

Arcas provides advanced insights into your users' experience and metrics for objective analysis. Gain a new level of observability into your WebRTC application.

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Monitoring and Configuration

Arcas ensures your application is available from your users' locations using synthetic and quality monitoring. Arcas can alert your team and automatically change your application's configuration to react to issues in realtime.

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Arcas enables changing your WebRTC provider without requiring code changes. Don't get locked into your WebRTC provider.

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